Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal, issued by the International Institute of Socionics

International Theoretical and Practical Journal.
Started in 1995. 6 issues per year
ISSN ISSN 1680-4325

If you want to obtain newest knowledge about human and psychology of his behavior, you can subscribe the journal 'Socionics, mentology and personality psychology'. It contains articles on a wide range of problems to include:

  • human psychological additivity and compatibility,
  • personality typology and psychology,
  • relations between people, forecasting and developing them,
  • family problems,
  • age development, education and training of children,
  • nature of erotic feelings,
  • choosing your partner(s),
  • historical and social and political questions,
  • description of socionics practical application,
  • educational materials on socionics.

The journal covers questions of formation of efficient collectives, selection of the personnel, management, skill conduct business negotiation, definition of human compatibility in family and at work, education and training of children. Reading our journal, you can deeply understand psychology of your interlocutor or partner, will comprehend secrets of the human relations, human mentality and its individuality. Socio-historical and political processes in the society are also analyzed in the journal from the socionics position.

The Journal 'Socionics, mentology and personality psychology' is the first officially registered scientific journal, which deals with theoretical and applied questions of socionics. The journal is regularly issued by International institute of Socionics and is distributed in CIS states, East Baltic and foreign countries.

The best classic and modern works on socionics and adjacent fields of knowledge are published in the journal:

  • personality typology and psychology,
  • relations between people,
  • pedagogic and philosophic aspects,
  • historical and social and political questions,
  • materials with applied orientation,
  • educational materials for socionics study.

Journal is registered by Ministry of Press and Information of Ukraine 3/17/95
Registration Number 1314, series KB

Editorial Board:

  • Aleksandr Bukalov, Ph.D. in Psychology, Ph.D. in Socionics, Director of International institute of Socionics.
Deputies of
  • Olga Karpenko, Ph.D. in Socionics, Vice-Director of International institute of Socionics;
  • Hryhorii Shulman, Ph.D. in Socionics.
Advisory Board:
  • Grigory Bukalov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor;
  • Elena Donchenko, Doctor of Sociology;
  • Semen Churumov, Ph.D. in Psychology;
  • Viktor Gulenko, Ph.D. in Socionics;
  • Alexey Eljashevich, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;
  • Dmitry Ivanov, MD, PhD.;
  • Igor Litvinenko, Ph.D. in Socionics;
  • Yurij Mosenkis, Doctor of Phylology, Professor;
  • Nikolay Obozov, Academician of International Academy of Psychology, Doctor of Psychology, Professor;
  • Grigory Reynin, Ph.D. in Psychology, Ph.D. in Socionics.


International Institute of Socionics
a/s 23, Kiev-206, 02206, Ukraine
(+38044) 558-09-35