Issue 3/1997 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 3 (12)

  • May - June

  • 1997



Aushra Augustinavichute

Theory of Intertype Relations

Socionics classic. The author suggests the theory of relations between types of informational metabolism. Detailed description of all the 14 types of intertype relations.
Key words: socionics, tag's model, EGO, SUPEREGO, ID, SUPERID, psychological types, types of informational metabolism, intertype relations.

Aushra Augustinavichute

Characteristic of Intuitive-Logic Extratim

Detailed description of intuitive-logic extratim IL (ILE), alongside with informational model of psyche (Model A) is given.
Key words: socionics, informational model of psyche, types of informational metabolism, functions of informational metabolism, EGO, SUPER EGO, ID. SUPER ID.


Gulenko V.V.

Person's Track in Socium

Techniques are described for determining socionic type of personality by way of monitoring, and through the use of representation of socionic temperament and preset types of human activity in micro- and macro-sociums.
Key words: socionics, sociodiagnostics, micro-socium, macro-socium, socionic temperament, preset types of activity.

Nemirovsky A.A.

A New Way of Comparing Aggregates of Sociotypes and Aggregates of Intertype Relations

Comparison of types of informational metabolism and intertype relations, constructed within the field of introversive socionics and based on introduced scales describing intertype relations like analogous to the E. Jung's scale for personality types.
Key words: introversive socionics, types of informational metabolism, intertype relations, Jung's scales.

Kashnitskiy S.Ye.

Socion as Harmonic Absolute

Harmonic regulateness of socion is calculated through the use of Qualitative Symmetry Theory by M.A.Marutayev in relation to the inner proportional split of Periodical Socion System by G.A.Shulman.
Key words: socionics, socion, types of informational metabolism, quadra, international metabolism relations, harmonic regulateness, golden cut, qualitative symmetry.

Shulman G.A.

Relations between Null and Higher Planes

Hierarchy in relations between different typological personas in humans, human types, collectives and ethnic groups are considered.
Key words: socionics, higher planes relations, type of informational metabolism.

Shekhter F.Ya.

Extrovert-Introvert Quality in Socionics

Extroverted and introverted behavioral and thinking types are considered.
Key words: socionics, extroversion, introversion, socionic types, dual relations.

Ovcharov A.A.

Particularities of Thinking Process in Children

Stages of development and thinking process particularities in children with relation to different periods of growth and according to differing levels of informational metabolism within the structure of personality are considered.
Key words: socionics, stages of children development, levels of personality models, type of informational metabolism.

Meged' V.V.

Love Forms, Age-Old and New

Descriptions of different forms of romantic feelings and relations are given in relation to reception characteristics and kinds of information processing, as per type of informational metabolism, and according to sub-type particularities.
Key words: socionics, types of informational metabolism, sub-types, accents of types, relations, emotions, compatibility.


Bukalov A.V.

Socionics and Mysteries of the Magic: C.Castaneda Decoded

Socionic methods are considered in relation to esoteric systems analysis on the basis of C.Castaneda works. It is shown, that a team of 16 warriors as described by C.Castaneda fully complies with 16 socionic types, their interrelations, and represents a complete team - i.e., a socion - that aims at energetic and spiritual transformation of a human being.
Key words: socionics, C.Castaneda, type of personality, party of Nagual warriors, socion.

Yakuboskaya T.S.

Socionic Functions Correlation with Elements in Western Tradition

Socionic functions of informational metabolism are considered in correlation with esoteric notions of elements, I-Ching hexagrams, Tare Arcanes and Zodiacal signs.
Key words: socionics, functions of informational metabolism, esoteric, elements, fire, water, air, earth, ether, I-Ching hexagrams, Tare Arcanes, Zodiacal signs.


Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B., Chykyrysova G.V.

Typical Expressions of the Personal Type ET

Typical expressions of the personal type ET (EIE) are given on the base of research data of International Socionics Institute.
Key words: socionics, type of personality, motivation, speech set.