Issue 3/2000 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 3 (30)

  • May - June

  • 2000



Litvinenko I.Yu.

Information Metabolism and a Model Functioning

The analysis of information stream and mental and vital rings processing mechanisms depending on the function dimension is investigated.
Key words: socionics, psychology, model of psyche, psychic functions, informational flow aspects.

Gulenko V.V.

Personality Study and Management

Critical issues of using socionic methods for employees' personal qualities assessment, workgroups formation and personality study implementation for group management are considered.
Key words: management, personality type, socionics, personality study, workgroup.

Tikhonov A.P.

Type of Informational Metabolism as a Linking Stage on Psychic Phenomena Research

The article represents an attempt of psychological research of 'conceptual bridges' existence between socionics and psychology. Certain issues of the system organisation of information processes in human psyche, the basic provision of A. Kempinsky theory of informational metabolism and particularities of TIM as a multilevel structure are considered. A concluding statement that it is TIM as a multilevel basic functional system that performs the role of a linking stage in research of various psychic phenomena and provides for the follow-up of multi-dimensional, multilevel, polydeterminating and hierarchic character of different psychic phenomena manifestation in an individual is made.
Key words: informational metabolism, psyche, system approach, structure, TIM, theory of functional systems.

Savchenko S.V.

Evolution and Quadra Changeability

Different types of quadra changeability have been looked at. It has been proved that quadras can replace each other both subsequently and simultaneously.
Key words: socionics, the law of quadra interchangeability, groups of types, history, confrontation in socium.

Ivanov D.A.

Suicide Attempts in Male Adolescents Suffering Psychic Infantilism and Other Marginal Psychopathology

Observations of suicide cases with certain TIMs inclination towards concrete forms of marginal psychic disorders are described. Characteristic descriptions of hyper-stenic and hypo-stenic forms of psychic infantilism and their suicide potential depending from certain TIM is given. The pre-suicidal syndrome is formulated and given detailed description on the basis of forensic expertise outcomes analysis.
Key words: type of informational metabolism, suicide tendencies, psychic infantilism, psychopathies, reactive depression, pre-suicidal syndrome.

Bulkin I.A.

Socionic Chains, or the Internal Unity between the Ideas of PSS by Shulman and Kaminsky's Square

Information chains of the types of information metabolism have been inferred from law of TIMs dominance formulated by G.A.Shulman. Peculiarities of the chains as socion subsystem.
Key words: law of TIMs dominance, periodical system of socion, socionics, Kaminsky's square, psychology, informational links, personality type, type of informational metabolism.

Ovcharov A.A.

System Signs and Identification Model of Social Structure

Social structure model and identification model of social evolution have been built. They are based on the signs " normativity-creativity" and "integrativity-differentiality".
Key words: socionics, social evolution, model, social development prognosis.

Reinin G.R.

Knowledge and Information

The notions of 'world picture', 'information' and 'knowledge' are considered. Information seen in the context of a certain world picture reveals itself as a knowledge formed in the process of choosing from an infinite number of variants. The view of the theory of information from the standpoint of human perception can, in the final result, be more fruitful as opposed to the view of man from position of computer associations.
Key words: psychology of perception, information, knowledge, spiritual traditions.

Meged' V.V.

Characters and Recommendations

Recommendations on human psychological and emotional compatibility on the example of dual couples (diades) interaction are given. It is in these unrecognised demands, not in wording that an underlying source of mutual discontent hides sometimes. Diade samples are the most convenient for understanding of the basic principles of interpersonal relations.
Key words: socionics, compatibility, duality.


Gorbacheva D.R.

Socion and DNA Molecule Structure

Hypothesis of the correlation between informational structure of socion and DNA molecule structure is suggested.
Key words: socionics, type of informational metabolism, DNA, personality type.

Bukalov A.V.

Concealed Social Structure of the Society as DNA Structure Analogue

It has been proved that real socium has the concealed structure of socion. It is disguised by vertical and horizontal social and informational connections. It becomes the most important during socium restructuring and social institutions deformation.
Key words: socionics, sociology, information, encoding, DNA, evolution, socium, family, State.


Churyumov S.I.

Authorial Study Course

A socionic study course curriculum is suggested. Methodological principles of exposition of educational material are described.
Key words: socionics, teaching, psychology, pedagogy, lectures, method, methodology, typology, typewatching.