Issue 1/2003 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 1 (46)

  • January - February

  • 2003



Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B., Chikirisova G.V.

Application of New Technologies of Efficient Management at Large Industrial Enterprises

The experience of many years of applying new psycho-informational technologies at large industrial enterprises is described using the example of Nadymgazprom Co. (RAO Gazprom, Russia). These technologies have been applied for reorganization of workgroups, for creation of new managing teams providing business and psychological compatibility of employees, which significantly improved work ability and manageability of the workgroups.
Key words: socionics, workgroup, management, reorganization, managing team building, business and psychological compatibility, personnel management, personnel reserve.


Socionic workgroup at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Researches of St. Petersburg Institute of Human Biology and Psychology

Semantics of Reinin traits: Practical Research Results

The article proposes the results of the practical research of the semantics of Reinin traits performed in 2002-2003 by the Socionic workgroup at the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Researches of St. Petersburg Institute of Human Biology and Psychology. Semantics of the 11 Reinin traits is described (except the Jungian basis), several hypotheses are put forward, and examples of statements of the tested are given. Based on the outcome of the research conclusion is made of presence of a stable tendency towards existence of independent semantics of each of the Reinin traits. This interpretation of semantics of the dimensions has been significantly corrected, complemented and extended compared to previously used interpretations.
Key words: socionics, Reinin traits, semantics of dimensions, practical research.

Ovcharov A.A., Meged V.V.

Stages of Children Thinking Development Corresponding to Different Stages of Personal Socializaion

Correlation is proposed between the four stages of psyche development according to J.Piaget with the four basic Jungian psychological criteria: intuition (aptitude for abstract imaginative thinking), sensation (concrete world outlook), thinking (objectivity of judgments), feeling (subjectivity of judgments).
Key words: psyche development stages, intuition, thinking, sensation, emotions, feeling.

Alekseyeva I.I.

Acute Angles in Communication with the Supervisor

Reactions of functions of blocks of the Supervisor and Supervisee towards verbal and nonverbal actions of each other are considered.
Key words: type of information metabolism, functions of blocks, aspect of function, supervision relationship.


Stovpyuk M.F.

Lev Landau

Using methods of socionic diagnostics the physicist Lev D. Landau has been determined as logical-intuitive extrovert (PT).
Key words: socionic type, Jungian basis, type determination.


Lemesheva Yu.V.

Analysis of Peculiarities of Approach of Mathematics Teachers to the Teaching Process

Peculiarities of teaching mathematics by teachers belonging to different information metabolism types, depending on the position of abstract and practical logic functions in the A-Models of their personality types are considered.
Key words: socionics, pedagogy, teaching mathematics, logic, information metabolism function.


Churyumov S.I.

Inevitability of the Methodology

In the context of methodology of socionic knowledge methodological attitudes of several socionists are considered and described.
Key words: socionics, methodology, socionic type, informational metabolism type, attitude.


Kameneva I.P.

On the Possibility of Application of Probability Models in Socionics

Probability based models of V.V.Nalimov are analyzed, where human individuality is determined by probability density built on the semantic scale. Multidimensional generalization of Nalimov's probability-based model is considered, where Jungian psychological functions are used as scales, and personality is represented as multidimensional probability-based system of informational filters. Such formulation of the problem allows transition to the model of multidimensional data analysis, where the set of separate scales (dimensions) forms together a whole image in the multidimensional space of human conditions.
Key words: personality, individuality, Jungian psychological functions, probability density, semantic scale, probability filter, dimensions, multidimensional data analysis.

Dubrov Ya.A., Matsyong Ya.Ye.

Testing in Psycho-informatics: Mathematical Modeling and Computer Informational System 'Socion-02'

A mathematical model of computer subject testing is proposed in order to implement it into the computer informational system.
Key words: description, test, socion, linear metrical space.