Issue 4/2003 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 4 (49)

  • Jule - August

  • 2003



Tikhonov A.P., Kolodiy L.N.

The Socionic Approach towards Personnel Profile Analysis

The article continues "building conceptual bridges" between socionics and practical psychology and considers issues of peculiarities of performing personnel profile analysis in personnel management. Author's own methodology of determining personality type-relevant occupational choice is proposed, which may be used for making a "typical portrait" of a certain profession. The methodology has been probated on the selection of 72 people representing the occupation of notary.
Key words: informational metabolism, psychology, socionics, psychical and informational technologies, personnel management, Human Job Analysis, occupationally important skills, Personnel Profile Analysis, legal activities, notary.

Filatova Ye.S.

The Dual, Activation, Semi-Dual and Illusionary Relationships with Consideration to Gender Roles of the Personality Types

Agreeability scores calculation is made for married couples connected by the dual, activation, semi-dual and illusionary relationships. Significant dispersion of scores both between different pairs and inside each of them is demonstrated to appear when consideration of male and female versions of the types and their gender roles are involved.
Key words: socionics, duality (relationship of complement), activation, semi-duality (relationship of supplement), illusionary relationship, matrimony, gender roles.

Chaykovskaya M.G.

Experimental Analysis of Subjective Perception of Shape and Color

The article is dedicated to experimental analysis of subjective perception of shape and color. Basic factors of visual understanding of objects, their shape, size, general outline and image are studied.
Key words: perception, binocular sight, artistic thinking style, proportions, shape, color, image.

Savchenko S.V., Semenenko Ye.V.

Formal Criteria of the Intertype Relationships

To describe dynamics of the intertype relationships a concept of individual psychological sphere (IPS) is introduced: it represents a certain informational psychical spatial continuum around a person. Intertype relationships are described with consideration to the concept of the psychological distance.
Key words: intertype relationships, psychological distance, individual psychological sphere, socionics, psychology.

Breusenko-Kuznetzov A.A.

Simbolical Modelling of Existential Crisis by means of a Magic Fairy Tale

The article is devoted to the method of the creation of magic fairy tale. Roots of the magic tale stretch into the antique ceremonies. We can see the process of the initiation in the content of it. We insist that initiation is the social institutialization of the existential crisis. That is the collective form of the overcoming of such crisis type. Existential crisis (EC) is the condition, which has ontological cause. Present day person, receiving EC experience, comes through intern initiation. Its peculiarities are reflected in the creation of magic fairy tales. There are two functions of methodic for writing magic fairy tales: diagnostical and developing.
Key words: magic fairy tale, existential crisis, initiation.


Stovpyuk M.F.


The article considers the problem of the socionic type of the famous geneticist N.V.Timofeyev-Ressovsky. He is proved to belong to the socionic type logical-intuitive extrovert (Entrepreneur, Jack London).
Key words: genetics, scientist, logical-intuitive extrovert, socionics, socionic type, Timofeyev-Ressovsky.


Berezhnaya N.V.

Great Confusion

The article considers difficulties of determining informational metabolism types caused by the existing confusion in understanding several terms. Options of their solution are proposed.
Key words: socionics, personality type identification, Jungian basis, Reinin traits, sex, development, hypothesis, verification.

Saenko V.V.

Once More on Reinin traits

The article continues the discussion on Reinin traits (RDs) started in the Issue 6 of the journal for the year 2002. It is proposed to redefine RDs through intersection of higher dimensions, and the author's version of a hierarchical list of RDs is proposed.
Key words: Jungian and Augustinavichiute's basis, diagnostics, dichotomies, informational functions, quadras, social progress loop, A-Model, Reinin traits, unfolded model of the Socion, socionics, informational metabolism type.

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Categories and Dimensions, Real and Imaginary

It is proposed to grant philosophical status to the basic Jungian dimensions and the binary criteria of the informational flow aspects, considering them as philosophical categories making basis of the common scientific methodology and directing the cognition.
Key words: socionics, philosophy, personality type dimensions, categories, Jungian basis, informational flow aspects.


Saenko Yu.I.

On G.A.Shulman's Article "On Several Principles of Performing Researches and Presenting Achieved Results in Socionics"

The article reviews G.A.Shulman's work published in Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology journal in №№ 1-5, 2001 and 3-5, 2002. Its importance and methodological value are emphasized. Basic statements of the considered work are analyzed.
Key words: socionics, methodology, social sciences and humanities.