Issue 3/2004 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 3 (54)

  • May - June

  • 2004



Donchenko Ye.A.

DOCTA IGNORANTIA. Part 2. Psycho-fractal is Love

A concept of psycho-fractal is considered as product of 'universal psyche' matrix, which represents a profound part of individual psyche. Several aspects of formation and functioning of psycho-fractal, as well as its connection with super-personal levels of psyche are described.
Key words: psycho-fractal, socionics, psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology, soul, society.

Churyumov S.I.

The Problem of Informational Metabolism and Informational Aspects

The article analyzes the concept of informational metabolism, which represents processes of perception, processing, accumulation, storage and delivery of information circulating in psychical structures. It is demonstrated that these processes are parts of more general metabolism of matter, energy and information.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism, subject, object, communication.

Trekhov A.V.

Model A Generalizations and Reinin traits

In this article Model A is generalized for the case of ousting of non-Jungian dimensions proposed by Reinin. Hierarchy of Reinin traits is proposed.
Key words: Reinin traits, Jungian dimensions, personality, basic dichotomy, aspectual dichotomies, chromatic dichotomy, smooth dichotomy, basic small group, additional small group, biquadra.

Personality Psychology

Yurin Ye.N.

On Unity of Specific Syndromes (Looking for a Hypothesis)

The article outlines the concept of pathophysical unity of mental disorders (diseases) accompanying the psycho-organic and disphrenic syndromes developed by professor A.A.Portnov. The author distinguishes ten human adaptation instincts, which together describe physiology of personality. These are: food, sex, maternal, self-preservation, gregarious, motive (freedom), cognitive, thinking, self-assertion, attention (goal). They by turns possess dominant place and determine selectivity of perception and peculiarities of behavior at specific moments. A test is proposed to determine dominant instincts.
Key words: personality, psychology, instinct.

Socionics in nursery

Senyuk G.B.

Why Humans Need Childhood ...

Stages of development and formation of child psyche are considered using the informational model of psyche.
Key words: socionics, development of child psyche, personality type, informational model of psyche.

Yermak V.D.

Age Development and Informational Filling of Psyche: Formation of Human Individuality and Personality

Based on the Model A, a hypothesis of total life cycle of development of psyche is considered - starting from appearance of the structure of psyche up to completion of its filling with real information. A complete model and a system mechanism of functioning of psyche in process of its development and filling with information are proposed. Again, modeling confirms the importance of creation of informational environment adequate to specific informational metabolism type of psyche at each stage of development of psyche. Its results can serve as basis to new expert consulting, pedagogical, personnel and other methodologies.
Key words: psyche, modeling, model structure, stages of development, informational filling, distortion of psychological type, predetermination of psychological type.

Problems of Education

Marakhovsky L.F., Lemeshev O.G.

Peculiarities, Determination of Informational Metabolism type and Short Description of the Computer as a Subject of Informational Metabolism

Computer as informational system is proposed to identify with the type logical-sensory extrovert (PS, Administrator).
Key words: socionics, training, computer, logical-sensory extrovert.

Problems of Socionic Education

Saenko V.V.

On Organization of a Socionic Center

Problems of spreading socionics are considered. It is proposed to create a socionic center, which should be engaged in spreading socionics, e.g. by organizing seminars and trainings.
Key words: socionics, socionic center, socionic literature.


Pimenova L.V.

Symbols - Aspects - Elements of Informational Metabolism

Semantics of informational flow aspects in socionics and correlation with their graphical representation are considered.
Key words: socionics, informational flow aspect, space, time, energy, matter.

Dubrov Ya.A.

Modeling and Explication of Love in Psycho-Informational Space: Flesh, Eros, Spirit

V.Frankl's model of meaning of love, M.Tomenko's model of Ukrainian kokhannya, G.Skovoroda's philosophy of heart, T.Shevchenko's concept of love and explication of love in socionics according to Ye.Filatova are considered in comparison.
Key words: love, socionics, psyche, Eros, spirit.


Kudryavtseva T., Dudarev N.

Reflections on the Edge between Bioenergetics and Socionics

Correspondence between masks of socionic types and psychological traumas is described. Possible correspondences of psychosomatic diseases and energetic zones of human body are also considered.
Key words: socionics, psychological trauma, socionic type mask, psychosomatic diseases.