Issue 1/2006 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 1 (64)

  • January - February

  • 2006


Personality Psychology

Shlaina V.M.

Psychological Defenses: Synthesis According to the Model A

Types of psychological defense of personality are considered. Methods of psychological defense peculiar to different types are described in terms of psyche functions in the informational model of psyche (Model A).
Key words: socionics, psychologists, self-assessment, sublimation, rationalization, compensation, psychological defense.

Socionic Practical Training

Mironov V.V.

Type Diagnostics without Asking Questions, or the Body Never Lies

Behavioral reactions of informational metabolism types are described in terms of the 4 Jung's criteria and several Reinin's criteria.
Key words: socionics, psychology, personality type, Jung's basis, extraversion, introversion, rationality, irrationality, logic, ethic, sensing, intuition, Reinin's criteria.


Pavlov D.O.

Socionics and the Modern Metadigm of Science

Historical review of attempts to decide the issue of the scientific character of socionics is considered. The analysis of current status of socionics both from the standpoint of both criteria of science for modern metadigm and of methodological regulations of scientific theories is conducted. It is shown that socionics does not completely comply with either of the above criteria. A way of further development of socionics is proposed, problems standing before socionics as a science are outlined, and a series of important issues on this way is indicated.
Key words: socionics, methodology, science, theory, experiment, metadigm.

Socionic Portraits

Dospekhov S.V.

Igor Grabar. Experience of Type Diagnostics through Content Analysis of Literary Sources

The informational metabolism type of the famous painter, art historian and theoretician Igor E. Grabar is analyzed. Based on content analysis of literary sources, using Jung's and Reinin's criteria and the informational model of psyche (Model A) it is shown that I. Grabar was a sensing-logical extravert (FL, The Marshal, Zhukov).
Key words: socionics, diagnostics of the informational metabolism type, psychology, psyche functions, extraversion, introversion, Jung's criteria, Reinin's criteria.


Vic Orekhovsky

"Balzacs" and Anancastic Personalities

Correspondence between the socionic types, C.Leonhard's and A.Lichko's personality accentuations is considered. The author proposes hypotheses on correlation between the accentuations and peculiarities of functioning of the informational model of psyche.
Key words: socionics, accentuation, informational metabolism type, psychological type, extraversion, introversion, schizoid, cycloid, anancastism.