Issue 3/2006 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 3 (66)

  • May - June

  • 2006



Prokofyeva T.N.

Come to I-Dunno-Where Bring I-Dunno-What... or Philosophical Apprehension of Loops and Blocks of the Model A

The article represents profound analysis of meaning and function of the Mental and Vital loops and horizontal blocks of the Model A. It is shown how to approach profound analysis of human psyche through research of state of functions included into horizontal blocks, how to improve efficiency of psychological aid to a client in course of socionic psychological consulting. This approach is also efficient for self-analysis and self-help.
Key words: Model A, mental loop, vital loop, Ego, Superego, Superid, Id.

Trekhov A.V., Tsypin P.Ye.

Virtual Displacements in Quadras and Virtual Images of Informational Metabolism Types. Model of Quadral Informational Metabolism

The article analyzes regularities of information transmission in Quadras, presents a concept of quadral virtual displacement, substantiates quadral virtual displacements for informational metabolism types. A model of quadral informational metabolism is proposed, aspectual contents of its vital loop is substantiated.
Key words: Quadra, virtual displacements, super-value, informational metabolism type, informational metabolism model.

Shlaina V.M.

"Two in One" and Relations Viewed from Inside

Each intertype relationship corresponds to certain information metabolism type. The article considers how people as bearers of informational metabolism types translate intertype relationships of their parents. It presents examples of such translation in the form of amplification of qualities peculiar to the informational metabolism type equivalent to the parents' intertype relationship.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, informational metabolism type, parental relations, type as relation bearer.

Shulman G.A.

Add-Ons to the Article "On Several Principles of Performing Researches and Presenting Achieved Results in Socionics"

In 2001-2002 we have published a journal version of G.Shulman's monograph "Socionics from Inside", which is still underway to its readers. Now we propose add-ons to this work.
Key words: socionics, psychology, psychical functions, informational metabolism functions, informational model of psyche.

Trekhov A.V.

Personal and Socional Context in Reinin-Augustinavichiute Dimensions

Reinin traits are classified from the viewpoint of the manifestation of personal or socional properties.
Key words: socionics, Model A, dichotomies, Reinin's dimensions, aspects, signs.

Personality Psychology

Meged V.V.

An Energo-Informational Model...

From the standpoints of socionics and the informational metabolism model the author considers various stages of formation of child individuality and proposes her suggestions to educationists and pedagogues.
Key words: socionics, socionic type, education, pedagogy, personality, psychological criteria, periods of development of psyche, quadral periods.


Lytov D.A., Lytova M.F.

Is There Any Sense in Separating Socionics from Psychology?

The article discusses practicability of considering socionics a "brand new science", emphasizes the common nature of its issues with those of other branches of psychology, and concludes that it is best to acknowledge socionics' status as a branch of psychology and make use of advancements in psychological research for the further development of socionic knowledge.
Key words: Keywords: psychology, socionics, concept, personality, modeling.

Prokofyev V.G.

A "Double-Cake" Crisis in Socionics

The article represents the author's view of current situation in socionics and formulates criteria of a crisis situation. It is shown that a crisis is in no way a disease but rather a necessary condition of a transition period that reveals new opportunities for transition to a next stage. The author lists difficulties peculiar to the current stage of development and proposes ways of their overcoming.
Key words: socionics, transition period, crisis.


Dubrov Ya. A.

A Triple-temporal Evolution Spiral

The author proposes a spiral model of time and considers examples from genetics, socionics, esotericism, evolution of Ukrainian language and poetry, Fomenko's global chronological map and Tibetan calendar that use this model.
Key words: triple time, spiral, evolution, DNA, the Socion, reincarnation, race, language, duplicates, Tibetan calendar, Zodiac.