Issue 1/2008 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 1 (76)

  • January - February

  • 2008



Yermak V.D.

Problems of identification. Some features of TIM verification

It is considered the main stage of identification of the type of information metabolism (TIM) - verification of model of TIM. The features of verification of TIM model, connected with a known phenomenon of influence of the researcher-experimenter on experimental, are considered.
Key words: socionics, typing, verification, model of psyche.

Eglit I.M., Eremeeva N.G., Tenetilov G.V., Floman N.N.

On possibility of TIM falsification at verbal typing by typed person

There are described the results of experiment, conducted the group of socionists, workings on a site "School of system socionics", which set before itself the problem to check up possibility of falsification of the psychical functions dimensions by typed person and introduction in an error of expert at verbal typing.
Key words: socionics, TIM models, communicative models, "masks", identification, typing.

Mironov V.V.

System arrangements of information aspects

The method of the system arrangements of information aspects of human psyche is described. Its diagnostic and therapeutic properties are considered.
Key words: socionics, psychology, information model of psyche, information aspect.

Novikova V.Yu.

Children of conflict

The features of information structure of psyche, formed in the socionic conflict relations, are analysed.
Key words: socionics, conflict relations, psychology, information space, information model of psyche.

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Methodological analysis of Kettell's questionnaire

It is analysed a rather widespread psycho-diagnostic method - Kettell's questionnaire. The methodological faults of the method, substantially reducing its diagnostic effect, are shown.
Key words: psychodiagnostics, psychology, methodology, socionics, Jung-Reinin treats, type of information metabolism (TIM).

Zabirov M.V.

Sequence and probability of working of functions of information metabolism

There are considered the known decisions of problem within the framework a) psyche-yoga (PY) by A.Yu.Afanasev, b) A.Augustinavichjute's concepts about circulation of the information in the "rings" of model, and c) system socionics by V.D.Yermak. The new solution is offered on basis of a) a principle of dominantion of information interaction in organization and process; b) account of deciding role of consciousness in information interaction; c) the new basic scheme of the block organization of structure of personality; d) psychoanalytic principles of "pleasure" and "reality"; and e) the elementary quantitative estimation of comfort and efficiency of functions of information metabolism (FIM). It is shown that a sequence and probability of working of FIM depend both on the type of information metabolism (TIM), i.e. from socionic type of personality, and from circumstances. The offered conception allows nonconflicting to integrate socionics and traditional psychology of personality. Accordance of structure personality of part of "thin" structure of human individual is also shown, that allows to integrate socionics and esoterics. There are considered neurolinguistic typologies of personality (TP) in comparison with socionic TP. It is proved, that fundamental scientific TP last is only last.
Key words: socionics, psyche-yoga, neurolinguistic programming, esoterics, type of personality, consciousness, attention, memory, information.

Pedan T.P.

Features of TIMs thinking, outgoing from their strong psychical signs

The ways of perception, quality of thinking, speech, properties, kinds of thinking, outgoing from strong strong psychical treats and features of every TIM, are described.
Key words: socionics, type of personality, kinds of thinking, psychology, information, extraversion, introversion.


Lvov V.

Socionics in work with texts

Some principles of determination of Jung-Reinin treats are expounded at the analysis of author's texts.
Key words: socionics, typing, type of an information metabolism (TIM), Reinin treats, content-analysis.


Mitin A.V.

Some consequences of the generalized dynamic model AI in Socionics

The dynamic aspects of information model of psyche are considered.
Key words: socionics, psychology, structure of psychical functions, information model of psyche.


Saenko Yu.I.

Socionics outside and within

It is the review of the book of G.A.Schulman "Socionics within...". The features of becoming of socionics as new scientific direction in the context of development of other humanities and scientific community are considered.
Key words: socionics, psychology, paradigm, intellect, the Kiev school of socionics, interdisciplinary researches.

Shulman G.A.

Epilogue to " Review... " Yu.I.Saenko


Donchenko Ye.A.

Psychofractals. Problem of coexistence of people

On the base of author's conception of psycho-fractal the features of interactions of people and nations are considered.
Key words: socionics, psycho-fractal, psychology of relations, international relations.