Issue 1/2010 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 1 (88)

  • January - February

  • 2010



Karpenko O.B., Karjuk L.N.

Sensing ethical introverts: experience of supervision in the nature

Psychological, behavioural and intellectual features of representatives of type the sensing ethical introvert are considered. The special attention is given to those aspects which did not find a reflection in the socionical descriptions of this type before. A reader can get the additional information about the features of type and the mechanism of identity relations, comparing the texts belonging to each of co-authors.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, A-model, sensing ethical introvert, identity relations.

Sipajlo A.I.

Negative effect of work of observing function in semi-duality relations on the example of relations between LSE and ESI

The semi-duality relations, related to the group of comfortable ones, can be those both for a leader and for a subordinate. In practice nuances of interaction of functions of Model A which can lower efficiency of these relations have been noticed. For an illustration the semi-duality pair, consisting of the LSE as a chief and the ESI as subordinate, is chosen. The variants of decision are offered.
Key words: application of socionics, Model A, semi-duality relations, observing function, LSE, ESI.

Personality Psychology

Prokofieva T.N., Prokofiev V.G., Shifrina N.M.

Why with me all time so?

In article it is considered the socionical method of the permission of the conflict situation mentioning the client vulnerable function. The variants of behavior in similar situations are offered with support on the Model A.
Key words: socionical type, Model A, diagonal imperative, suggestive function, vulnerable function, base function, creative function, observing function, relational ethics, experiential sensing, volitional sensing, structural logic, temporal intuition.


Stukas V.A.

Functional asymmetry of hemispheres from a position of Jung psychical functions. Hemispheres asymmetry of TIMs

The hypothesis about connection of functional asymmetry of cerebral hemispheres of man with Jung's psychical functions on the basis of the analysis of works of V.L.Talanova devoted to Jung's dichotomies is stated. The TIM characteristic from the point of view of their hemispheres asymmetries is resulted.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Dubrov Ya.A.

On the topos model of fuzzy types and fuzzy relations

The topos model of fuzzy (indistinct, ambiguous) types and intertype relations is analyzed. The theoretic-categorial justification of relative socionics is given. The relation of a form-colour socionics and chakra system with the topos socion model is demonstrated.
Key words: topos, fuzzy, the membership function, relative socionics, form-colour socionics, chakra system.

Language and Semantics

Seregina M.A.

Verbal manifestation of the behaviour archemodel of the person and the people (on the material of the Russian and German paremiaes)

In the article the author turns to the studying the definition of archetypes as the collective unconscious content, to the correlating the archetypes and mythologems and to its filling with the Russian and German proverbs and proverbial phrases.
Key words: the Russian and German proverbs and proverbial phrases, collective unconscious, archetypes, mythologems, binary oppositions.

Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

Quantum bodies of alive organisms and origin of life

Properties of the quantum superfluid bodies of the alive organisms, consisting of easy elementary particles and interacting with atom-molecular structure of biological organism are described. It is shown, that existence and features of functioning of quantum bodies remove known problems of low probability spontaneous, or casual, synthesis of biological molecules: RNA, DNA and peptides. It is described the probable mechanism of assembling of primary biological molecules under control of the quantum structures setting and dissymmetry of alive, that essentially reduces time, necessary for the origin of alive organisms. The distant effects of quantum bodies are considered, and new approach to the description of process of quantum measurement is offered.
Key words: alive organism, quantum body, levion, origin of life, origin of biological dissymmetry, quantum measurement, superfluidity.