Issue 1/2018 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 1 (136)

  • January - February

  • 2018



Koval S.L., Zhuravleva A.A., Zhuravleva E.V.

Are the extroverts sociable?

The extraversion of the individual has a significant effect on the nature of his communica-tive possibilities. Nevertheless, many current inaccuracies and misconceptions about the nature of this influence can sometimes provide incorrect conclusions of practical psycholo-gists. This report gives the results of 9years of experimental research on the relationship be-tween the sociotype and the sociability of the individual, which can help both theorists and practitioners of psychology, psychiatry and socionics.
Keywords: socionics, extraversion, introversion, sociability, sociotype.

Eglit I.M.

A hobby study on the social network facebook

On a sample of 52 people it is shown that sensory hobbies are fond of sensorics of all socionic quadras. There were no correlations with the quadras. “White” and “black” sensors were presented equally (50% / 50%). Ethics prevail over logic (83% / 17%). When assessing the dimension of functions, it is determined that multidimensional sensors can both stay within the limits of norms and go beyond them. Representatives of all quadras are united by the fact that the controlling emotions of pleasure from activity in value blocks are the main driving factor for hobbies.
Keywords: socionics, sensory, hobby, dimensionality of mental function, square, type of personality, controlling emotions.


Kovalenko R.K.

Development of a comprehensive methodology for diagnosing the type of information metabolism

In the paper from the point of view of the theory of modeling, the requirements for the development of a technique for diagnosing TIM on the basis of objective indicators had been described. The analysis of existing methods of diagnostics from the point of view of the described requirements had been given. A system of manifestation analysis had been proposed depending on the degree of remoteness of the considered manifestations from the socionic modeling area as an indicator of the decrease in the accuracy of diagnostic tools. Also results of research of markers at the information level of PAR «statics / dynamics» by methods of analysis of the lexical composition of speech had been also given.
Keywords: socionic, diagnostics, modeling, linguosocionic, diagnostic technique, methodology.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Minaiev Yu.P., Datsenko I.P., Statiev V.D.

Comparative analysis of three models of intertype relations in the Socion

A comparative analysis of intertype relation operators group (according to Augustinavichiute) and two groups within the framework of models of intertype relations directly related to corresponding groups of bipolar traits of socionic types was carried in the article. For the comparative analysis one was using formalized notation for intertype relation operators, as well as for the elements of the groups of Augustinavichiute – Reinin traits and Jung – Minaiev traits.
Keywords: socionics, classical intertype relations, groups of central sections of the socion, bipolar traits, Augustinavichiute – Reinin traits, Jung – Minaiev traits, factorgroup, normal subgroup, cosets by normal subgroup.

Socionics and Life

Yermak V.D., Rumyantseva T.A.

TIM and love

The concept and manifestations of love are considered and described from the point of view of socionics and the types of information metabolism.
Keywords: socionics, psychology, love, experience, emotion, personality type, type of information metabolism.