Issue 2/2018 of the “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology” journal

  • N 2 (137)

  • March - April

  • 2018



Karpenko O.B.

Socionic trait “static-dynamic” in the graphic arts and drawing tests

“Static-dynamic” trait reveals itself in human behavior, in his speech, features of facial expressions, movements, handwriting and drawing, in the specific perception of the world as a whole. But for the purposes of determining the socionic type it is important to single out the markers of this trait in the picture. In search of characteristic markers there are compared works of the masters of Japanese prints Hokusai and Hiroshige, and European graphic artists. In the final part of the work the discovered patterns are illustrated with numerous examples of the performing drawing tests by representatives of different socionic types.
Keywords: socionics, socionic type, statics, dynamics, determination of type, drawing tests, graphic arts.

Frolova M.G.

Protection of weak functions. Ethics of relations

The problems of types with a low-dimensional “ethics of relations” are considered. Recommendations are given on the proper use of the resources of this mental function for building harmonious relationships with others.
Keywords: socionics, ethics of relations, relationships, personality type, gender stereotypes.

Speaking for Oneself

Melnikova N.A.

Model of SLI in introspection

It is a description of observations of the operation of the SLI (SP) model, using theories: the dimensions of functions (by Bukalov A.V.), signs of functions (by Gulenko V.V.), controlling emotions (by Pyatnitsky V.V.).
Keywords: socionics, A-model, sensory-logical introvert, dimension of functions, signs of functions, controlling emotions, self-observation.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Minaiev Yu.P., Datsenko I.P., Statiev V.D.

Classical intertype relations and 35 tetrachotomies of the socion by Reinin

The 35-element set of tetrachotomies of the socion (by Reinin) is analyzed from the point of view of the group of classical intertype relation operators (by Augustinavichiute). Concepts of «homogeneous» and «inhomogeneous» small groups (by Reinin) are discussed.
Keywords: socionics, classical intertype relations, groups of central sections of socion, bipolar traits, Augustinavichiute?Reinin traits, Jung?Minaiev traits, «trait-based» intertype relations, «homogeneous» and «inhomogeneous» small groups.


Golovchiner (Novikova) V.Yu.

Socionics and psychosophy - a comparison of concepts

The correlation of the concepts of socionics and psychosophy is considered. It was concluded that socionics and psychosophy can not be regarded as correlating systems.
Keywords: socionics, psychosophy, logic, ethics, intuition, sensorics, physics, will, emotion.

Personality Psychology

Ovdun D.A., Fedoseenkov A.V.

The complex of feelings and emotions people experience in adulthood

The article is devoted to emotional and sensory experiences of a person at the main stages of maturity, which can be conditionally limited to 20-60 years. Each stage is given and described at intervals of 10 years. There are considered feelings concerning the personality, career choices, family relationships, parenthood, and friendship
Keywords: person, feelings, emotions, maturity, family.